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About the Belgian Financial Forum


The Belgian Financial Forum was set up in 1992 upon the initiative of key figures from the financial and academic world and with the explicit support of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) and the (former) Belgian Banking Association (BBA).

The Forum strives to promote analytical research and prospective ideas on financial issues, organises lectures and conferences and also publishes two journals, namely the Banking & Finance Review and Banking & Finance Law. It arranges activities in Brussels and in 15 regional centres. In 2013, a renewed protocol governing the organisation of the Belgian Financial Forum was concluded between the NBB and Febelfin, the umbrella federation for the Belgian financial sector. As from 01/01/2017 the platform of the Financial Forum is wider supported by FSMA and Assuralia.

In Brussels, a secretariat is provided by the National Bank of Belgium and Febelfin, respectively, for lectures/conferences and for the journals.

The regional Fora are run by Regional Committees, largely made up of active members of the financial community in the broad sense of the term. The Committees have a wide degree of autonomy for ensuring the functioning, activities and financing of the Forum in the region in question. The NBB provides the secretariat for the Regional Committees.

Objectives, target public and regional presence

The Forum pursues the following objectives:



  • To exchange, in the broad sense, knowledge about economic and financial issues with a view to contributing to continuing education. To attain this objective, various different formats are proposed, like conferences, colloquia, panel debates, etc. The Forum’s journals and digital publications also help to pursue its goals;
  • to encourage debates and exchange of views on economic and financial themes;
  • to provide a meeting place for the financial sector and related sectors, public authorities, academic circles and businesses.
The Forum’s activities are mainly targeted at a wide public of professionals interested in economic and financial questions, including most notably management staff of financial institutions, of industrial and commercial enterprises and of governmental institutions, academic staff, accountants, auditors, financial intermediaries, etc.
The Forum’s events are held in Brussels or in one of the 15 regional committees. Each regional committee enjoys wide autonomy and plans its activities in close collaboration with the financial institutions involved in the region.


The main body of the Belgian Financial Forum is the Steering Committee, which sets out the broad lines of action. The programme of activities is prepared by the Coordinating Committee and approved by the Steering Committee. Outside Brussels, each regional Forum is headed up by a Regional Committee, which enjoys wide autonomy. The Brussels-based Forum cooperates with the Regional Committees through the Coordinating Committee.

Steering Committee

  • Steven Vanackere (president)
  • Karel Baert, Bruno Colmant, Wien De Geyter, Annemie Rombouts, Hilde Vernaillen.

Coordinating Committee

  • Marc De Geyter (president)
  • Carmen Boschmans, Véronique Godin, Jean Cattaruzza, Xavier Hawia, Erik Nelis, Geert Poisquet, Wien De Geyter, Jim Lannoo, Frank Lierman, Paul Windels, Erwin Van der Sande.