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  • Monday 25/4/2022

    This article is based on the closing speech given by Johan Theys, Chairman of Febelfin, at Febelfin Connect (Brussels, 28 March 2022), Febelfin’s annual networking event. The topic of this year’s event was “Financing the transition towards a more sustainable society”.

  • Thursday 10/3/2022
    Gyntelberg / Passaro / Crnogorac / Schumacher

    In the aftermath of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, supervisors have started performing stress testing exercises to assess the resilience of financial institutions to adverse financial and macroeconomic conditions. The EBA has so far conducted and coordinated five EU-wide stress tests. These have helped provide an assessment of banks’ vulnerabilities to periods of stress, foster transparency and make stress testing an integral element of both banking supervision and banks’ risk management. The results of the 2021 exercise confirmed the strength of banks capital positions even under a very severe scenario.  Going forward it is envisaged that the EU-wide stress will rely on a “hybrid” approach combining supervisory and banks’ own models to add operational efficiency. The incorporation of new risks such as cyber and ESG risks into stress testing is a priority but also a challenge. This will require the use of new data, modelling and risk management skills for both banks and supervisors.

  • Tuesday 15/6/2021
    Book review - Mark Carney

    Book review: “VALUES. Building a Better World for All”/ Mark Carney

    Signal, 2021, ISBN 9780771051555, 608 p.

  • Tuesday 15/6/2021
    Wim Vermeir

    This article is based on the intervention of Wim Vermeir, Chief Investment Officer of AG Insurance – Ageas during the panel discussion at the EIB – National Bank of Belgium Webinar “Investment for a sustainable recovery in Belgium” on 30 April 2021.

  • Tuesday 15/6/2021
    de Lima / Kalantzis

    Since 2016, the European Investment Bank Group (EIB) has conducted an annual survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS). This includes interviews with some 13,500 firms from the EU27 Member States, the UK and the US, of which around 480 are Belgian in 2020. The survey covers both SMEs and larger corporates in main economic sectors, offering qualitative and quantitative information about their investment activities, financing needs and the difficulties they face.

    The EIBIS 2020 was conducted during the spring/early summer of 2020, right after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on EU firms and elsewhere has been substantial, leading to large revenue losses and changes in investment strategies. Therefore, assessing business needs and setting priorities is crucial for a rapid and solid recovery of the EU.

    In this context, the current note analyses and discusses the answers given by Belgian firms on their investment activities, such as objectives, obstacles, drivers, and financing conditions. These answers are compared with the responses of the other surveyed companies in the EU to identify areas for potential improvement and target setting for Belgium.

  • Wednesday 10/3/2021
    Hilde Vernaillen

    Interview met Hilde Vernaillen, CEO van P&V Group en voorzitster van Assuralia.

  • Tuesday 1/12/2020
     Leen Van den Neste

    Banking thrives in a calm and stable environment. After the global financial crisis of 2008, however, governmental authorities undertook a range of necessary measures that had an enormous impact on the funding and the reporting requirements imposed on financial institutions, systemic and specialized institutions alike. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has further deepened the negative effects of the low interest rate environment, and forces all banks to think broadly, continue to digitalise their businesses, and seek for more alternative income. Smaller banks face the same challenges as their systemic counterparts but continue to believe in their strength to work close to their customers and find tailor-made solutions for their demands.

  • Tuesday 11/9/2018
    Hans De Cuyper

    Interview with Hans De Cuyper, Chairman Assuralia. Interview by Frank Lierman, Chairman of the editorial board of the Revue bancaire et financière / Tijdschrift Bank- en Financiewezen.