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  • Friday 1/7/2022

    The price difference between energy-efficient and energy-inefficient houses has increased over the past decade. And it may even become bigger due to the high energy and construction prices and the future renovation obligations. Although the energy efficiency of the sold homes has improved over the past ten years, it will have to improve a lot more in order to meet the climate targets by 2050. However, there are several supply and demand side impediments and all actors involved – households, government, financial sector and construction sector – have an important role to play in overcoming them. Finally, it is important to take into account the improving energy efficiency when drawing up house price indices.


    Het prijsverschil tussen energiezuinige en energieverslindende huizen is het voorbije decennium toegenomen. De hoge energie- en bouwprijzen en de toekomstige renovatieverplichtingen kunnen er bovendien voor zorgen dat dat nog groter wordt. Hoewel de energie-efficiëntie van de verkochte woningen het voorbije decennium is verbeterd, zal deze nog aanzienlijk verder moeten toenemen om de klimaatdoelstellingen tegen 2050 te halen. Hierbij zijn er verschillende drempels aan zowel de aanbod- als de vraagzijde en hebben alle betrokken actoren – gezinnen, overheid, financiële sector en bouwsector – een belangrijke rol om deze te overwinnen. Tot slot is het belangrijk om de verbeterende energie‑efficiëntie in rekening te brengen bij het opstellen van woningprijsindices.

  • Friday 14/1/2022

    Global heating and climate change are major issues to be tackled. Physical and transition risks could heavily change our society and economy. To provide a sustainable future for generations to come, a big challenge lies ahead:  the reduction of CO2 emissions of residential real estate, which counts for 13.8 % of the CO2 emissions in Belgium. Therefore, the current residential building stock needs to undergo major renovations to achieve the 2050 targets. The credit sector is very active and committed to enable this transformation and play a key-role when people buy or renovate their house. To facilitate this, it collaborates closely with, amongst others, local governments and European institutions.