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Mrs Veerle NUYTS and Mr Xavier VANDEN BOSCH, European Semester Officers, Representation of the European Commission in Belgium

The EU Recovery Plan bouncing back better together towards a green, digital and resilient Europe. What are the opportunities for Belgium? Brussel PDF icon 2290.pdf

Mr. Pierre WUNSCH, Governor National Bank of Belgium

A discussion with reference to the NBB's Annual Report 2019 Brussels PDF icon 2261.pdf

Mrs Katrin ASSENMACHER, Head of Monetary Policy Strategy Division, ECB

Monetary policy implications of digital currencies Brussels PDF icon 2215.pdf

Colloqium BFF-SUERF with keynote speakers Robert KOOPMAN, Director WTO and John BERRIGAN, Deputy DG EC

Cross border financial services: Europe's Cinderella ? Brussels PDF icon 2166.pdf

Jean CATTARUZZA, David SZAFRAN, Sylvia KIERSZENBAUM, Vanessa MARQUETTE, Sophie DELWAIDE, Marieke WYCKAERT, Lien THIJS, Thierry L'HOMME, Benoît FERON, Ivan PEETERS, Marc FYON, Annemie ROMBOUTS, Inez DE MEULENEERE, Panel debate - moderator Tom BOEDTS

Colloquium: De impact van het nieuwe vennootschapsrecht op de governance van financiële instellingen en op financiële transacties - L'impact du nouveau droit des sociétés sur la gouvernance des institutions financières et sur les transactions financières Brussels PDF icon 2192.pdf

Ivo MAES (NBB), Marco BUTI (EC), Johannes GRÄB (ECB), Thierry ROLAND (HSBC), Poul THOMSON (IMF) and others.

Colloquium "International Role of the Euro". Brussels PDF icon 2165.pdf

Jean HILGERS (NBB), Christine VAN RIJSSEGHEM (Women in Finance), Dirk VAN GERVEN (NautaDutihl), Trees PAELINCK (Women on Board), Els DEBOUTTE (Make me Fly!), Alexander DE CROO, Deputy Prime Minister, Panel debate moderated by Isabella LENARDUZZI with Ann CALUWAERTS, Marcia DE WACHTER, Claire GODDING en GUY JANSSENS.

Gender in Finance: Why Diversity Matters Brussel No document available.

Mr. Peter PRAET, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank

Learning about macroeconomic and financial stability Brussels No document available.

Mrs Florence JAUMOTTE, Deputy Division Chief in IMF Research Department

IMF—World Economic Outlook and Special Topic on Trade Issues Brussels PDF icon 2164.pdf

Mr. Pierre WUNSCH, Governor National Bank of Belgium

Annual report 2018 National Bank of Belgium (Brussels) Brussel PDF icon 2114.pdf

De heer Peter GRASMANN, Head of Unit at the European Commission

Tackling non-performing loans Brussels No document available.

Jean-Paul SERVAIS (FSMA), Veerle COLAERT(KU Leuven), Pierre-Henri CONAC (Luxemburg University), M-F DE POVER (KBC), Paul KOSTER (Dutch Investor Association) and Annemie ROMBOUTS (FSMA)

Strengthening the EU single market for retail investment products Brussels No document available.

Paul WINDELS (Assuralia), Stany ZABINSKI (NBB), Erik NELIS (AG Insurance), Camille GRACIANI (EIOPA), Daphné de LEVAL (Deloitte), Mathias WAMBEKE (IA|BE) + Q & A and conclusions moderated by Audrey MEGANCK

Colloquium on the discount rate under Solvency II Brussels No document available.

Mr. Vitor GASPAR, Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department IMF

Second Generation Fiscal Rules: Balancing Credibility, Flexibility, and Simplicity Brussels PDF icon 2077.pdf

Mr. Jean HILGERS (NBB), Prof. Jean-Pascal VAN YPERSELE (UCL), Christian THIMANN (High Level Expert Group EC) , Martin SPOLC (EC, DG FISMA), Don GERRITSEN (UNPRI), Frank ELDERSON (DNB), Johan VAN OVERTVELDT (Minister of Finance) - panel discussion chaired by Tanguy Claquin (Credit Agricole)

Colloquium Sustainable Finance Brussels PDF icon 2076.pdf

Mr. Mario DRAGHI, President ECB

Closing speech of the colloquium of the Study Department of the NBB Brussels No document available.

Mr. Gertjan VLIEGHE, Member of the Monetary Policy Committee Bank of England

Global and domestic challenges for UK monetary policy Brussels No document available.

Mr.Pascal SAINT-AMANS, Director Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

International tax: is multilateralism in crisis? Brussels No document available.

Keynote speech by Jan SMETS, governor NBB, followed by 3 panel debates and a keynote speech by Poul THOMSEN, Director IMF

Colloquium "Ten years after the start of the crisis: contours of a new normal" Brussels PDF icon 2052.pdf

Prof. André SAPIR (ULB - High Level Group) & Mrs Leonique VAN HOUWELINGEN (Bank New York Mellon)

Brexit and the attractiveness of Belgium as a hub for financial services in Europe. Brussels No document available.

Mr. Philipp HARTMANN, Deputy Director General Research, ECB

“Financial integration, capital market development and risk sharing in the euro area” Brussels PDF icon 2026.pdf

Mrs Susanne ROEHRIG, Senior Policy Expert EBA

Benchmarking credit risk – EBA's exercise Brussels No document available.

Colloquium in cooperation with EIB, keynote speeches by Mr. Jan SMETS, Mrs.Natacha VALLA and Mr. Jan VAN HOVE.

Colloquium "Investments and Investment Finance: The case of Belgium" Brussels PDF icon 1934.pdf

Mr. Jan SMETS, Governor National Bank of Belgium

National Bank of Belgium: Annual Report 2017 Brussels PDF icon 1937.pdf

Mr. Gabriel BERNARDINO, Mrs Nathalie BERGER, Mr. Hans DE CUYPER, Mr. Jean HILGERS

The review of Solvency II Brussels PDF icon 1918.pdf

Mr.Jeroen DIJSSELBLOEM, President of the Eurogroup

A solid common landing ground for EMU Brussels No document available.

Keynote speech Prof.Rudi VANDER VENNET, followed by a paneldebate with actors in the financial sector - conference in cooperation with Lead-In

Rebuilding trust in banks: The role of Leadership Brussels PDF icon 1917.pdf

Mr Karel DE GUCHT, Minister of State, former European Commissioner

New legal and material developments in international trade Brussels No document available.

Mr.José Manuel GONZALEZ - PARAMO, Executive Board Director BBVA

4th Industrial Revolution in Banking: Opportunities and Challenges for Regulation and Banking Brussels PDF icon 1955.pdf

Uwe STEGEMANN, Sebastian SCHNEIDER and Olivier PLANTEFEVE, partners of McKinsey & Company

“Performance Management – how to master challenges during times of massive regulatory change” Brussels No document available.

Mr. Jim ROWLEY,Senior Investment Analyst Vanguard - Mr. Frederik MEHEUS, Head of International Distribution Technologies Blackrock

"Asset management at cross roads" Brussels PDF icon 1912.pdf

Mr. Paul ANDREWS, secretary general of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) - Mr. Steven MAIJOOR, chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) - Mr. Jean-Paul SERVAIS, chairman of the Financial Services and Markets Authority, Belgium (FSMA)

“Financial literacy: a global, European and Belgian challenge” Brussels PDF icon 1911.pdf

Mr. Jean LEMIERRE, Chairman BNP Paribas, Mr Alexander GUEMBEL and Mrs Ying LIANG, both Professor at the Toulouse school of economics, PANEL DISCUSSION

Bank Insurance and financial stability Brussels PDF icon 1861.pdf

Mr. Frank DIERICK, Principal at European Central Bank - ESRB

Residential and commercial real estate markets and financial stability in the EU – work by the ESRB Brussels No document available.

Mr. Peter PRAET, Mr. Freddy VAN DEN SPIEGEL and 3 panel discussions with several speakers

Colloquium: "The low interest rate environment: causes, consequences and risks" Brussels PDF icon 1816.pdf

Mr. Sam LANGFIELD, Principal European Systemic Risk Board Secretariat, ECB

The feasibility of sovereign bond-backed securities. Brussels No document available.

Mr.Jan SMETS, governor National Bank of Belgium

National Bank of Belgium: Annual Report 2016: the way to sustainable revival. Brussels PDF icon 1779.pdf

Book launch "Alexandre Lamfalussy - selected essays". Keynote by J. CARUANA, general manager Bank for International settlements, Basel

International financial crises: new understandings, new data Brussels No document available.

Ms Elke KÖNIG, Chair of the Single Resolution Board

“Single Resolution Mechanism : achievements & looking ahead” Brussels No document available.

Mr. Farquhar MURRAY,‘Partner Insurance & Banks’ bij Autonomous Research

Basel 4 and beyond - a financial analyst perspective. Brussels No document available.

Various speakers

Colloquium SUERF-BFF-Eggsplore: "Fintech and the future of retail banking" + 80th Anniversary of the Revue Bancaire/Bank- en Financiewezen and the Revue de Droit bancier et financier/Bank- en Financieel Recht Brussels PDF icon 1695.pdf

Book launch by editors Mr Kenneth DYSON, Professor Cardiff University and Ivo MAES, Adviser Research Department NBB, foreword by Jan SMETS, Governor NBB, keynote speech by Lorenzo Bini SMAGHI, Former board member ECB, student of Triffin and collaborator of Lamfalussy and Schioppa, Chairman of Societe Generale

Book launch: "Architects of the Euro" and keynote speech by Lorenzo Smaghi:"Completing the architecture of the Euro" Brussels PDF icon 1694.pdf

Mr. Frank SMETS, counsellor to the president of the ECB and co-ordinator of counsel to the executive board

Some thoughts on a fiscal union for the euro area Brussels PDF icon 1765.pdf

Mr. Pierre MOSCOVICI, European Commission- Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs

What future for the European economic policy?: CANCELLED Brussels No document available.

Mr. José VIÑALS, Financial Counselor of the IMF and Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department

Potent Policies for a Successful Normalization - A Presentation of the IMF’s April 2016 Global Financial Stability Report Brussels No document available.

Mr. Huw PILL,Chief European economist Goldman Sachs

How does the UK look at the euro and the EU - pros and cons of Brexit. Brussels No document available.

Mr. Frederic ROMONT, JST sub coordinator at the National Bank of Belgium, and Mr Yassine BOUDGHENE-STAMBOULI, JST coordinator at the ECB

JST supervisory work in practice – lessons learned and perspectives Brussels No document available.

M. Servaas DEROOSE (ECFIN), Pierre-Emmanuel NOEL (EIB) & Vincent VAN STEENSEL (EIF)
Panel discussion with Yvan DE COCK, Jean-Pierre DI BARTOLOMEO, Samuel DE LHONEUX & Werner DECREM
Moderator: Peter JACOBS

Colloquium : "The Juncker Plan, a major driver for a European Economic Revival" Brussels No document available.

Mr. Klaus REGLING, Managing Director of the European Stability Mechanism, CEO of EFSF

Lessons from the Euro Crisis Brussels PDF icon 1655.pdf

Cornelia Holthausen, John Woodhall, Werner Van Lembergen, Alexander Batchvarov, Mario Nava, panel

Asset Backed Securities (ABS) - Recent European initiatives and the role of securitisation in Belgium Brussels PDF icon 1583.pdf