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Thursday 8/3/2018
Frank Fripon

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. ( – May 6th, 2017). Data is the new gold. Data is going to be the most important asset in the future. And many other statements like these are popping up continuously as people are discovering the potential of big data.

Monday 6/11/2017
Ying Liang

In this article, I focus on accounting data that provide a view of the real economic activities of the various financial institutions, providing evidence on the diversification of the financial conglomerates.  Using yearly data from the Eurozone market (plus the UK and Switzerland) over the period 1999-2014, I compute the correlations between various accounting and financial ratios of banks and insurance companies and compare them to other industries. I have found that the banking and insurance industries are positively (of net sales, gross profit, to net income), but not perfectly, correlated. Their level of correlation does not appear particularly high compared to the correlations between the banking industry and several other industries. There is room to do diversification for banks and insurance industries; especially when facing the interest rate risk.

Wednesday 20/9/2017
Johan Lammens & Lien Verhegghe

Verslag van de uiteenzetting door Johan Lammens, Coördinator van de dienst Transversaal toezicht op de financiële producten bij de FSMA en Lien Verhegghe, Coördinator van het Centraal inspectieteam bij de FSMA, voor het Belgisch Financieel Forum in Leuven op 23 mei 2017. Verslag uitgeschreven door Frank Lierman, Voorzitter redactiecomité Bank- en Financiewezen.

Wednesday 20/9/2017
Yvon Castrique

Verslag van de uiteenzetting van de heer Yvon Castrique, voorzitter Directiecomité van Corona Direct voor het Belgisch Financieel Forum in Leuven op 23 mei 2017.