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The Financial Forum is present in 16 regions or towns throughout the country: AntwerpenBrabant wallonBrusselsCharleroi, KempenLimburgLiègeLuxembourg belgeMechelenMons-La LouvièreNamurOost-VlaanderenVerviers-EupenVlaams-BrabantWallonie picarde and West-Vlaanderen.

Antwerpen Kempen Limburg Mechelen Oost-Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant Waasland West-Vlaanderen Luxembourg belge Charleroi Wallonie picarde Liège Mons-La Louviere Namur Verviers-Eupen Brabant wallon Brussels

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With the exception of Brussels, each of the Forum's regions is managed by a Regional Committee, which mainly consists of active members of the broad financial community. The committees dispose of a wide degree of autonomy to ensure the functioning, activities and financing of the Forum in the region concerned.