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Bart Van Craeynest

  • Mercredi 7/12/2022

    The current inflation crisis implies higher input costs, higher wage costs, pressure on margins, increasing interest rates and recession for Belgian companies. Even more important is the fact that this crisis is creating a double handicap of energy and wage costs for our economy. This will lead to less investment spending, less hiring and less economic activity. Especially the wage cost issue is looking like a painful déjà-vu. As in the past, the way out of this situation runs through an adjustment of the wage indexation mechanism. However, the economic pain probably needs to increase before the required adjustment becomes politically feasible.

  • Mardi 9/11/2021
    Van Craeynest

    As they go through a remarkably rapid recovery out of the Covid-crisis, companies are already hitting new barriers to growth, most importantly issues concerning the delivery of inputs and labour market tightness. Especially the latter requires an urgent and structural policy response. Meanwhile the major transitions in our society related to sustainability, digitalization and population ageing offer significant opportunities for companies. To capture these opportunities our capacity to innovate will play a crucial role.

  • Jeudi 1/10/2020

    Like every crisis, covid-19 holds the opportunity to strengthen our economy/society through lessons learned from the crisis. This obviously requires that we take away the correct lessons from the current episode. In the past few months a number of all too easy conclusions have been drawn from the crisis that are not supported by the facts. Flexibility, robustness, digitalization and internationalization are, up to now, the key lessons from this crisis.