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  • Mercredi 22/3/2023

    After several years of strongly rising prices, the Belgian housing market cooled in 2022. The indicators for the second half of the year pointed to a decline in the number of transactions and zero growth in house prices. That being said, a sharp decline in house prices currently appears unlikely. This is because the negative impact of higher interest rates is being offset by an array of factors, including the longer terms of new mortgage loans, higher down payments, rising nominal incomes, falling energy prices and a slowdown in housing supply growth. Finally, the repayment burden for new mortgage loans has risen strongly in recent years but declined markedly for existing fixed-rate mortgages thanks to strong income growth.

  • Vendredi 30/9/2022

    ERA, the Belgian market leader in the residential real estate sector, with 25+ years’ experience in developing consumer-oriented products and services, and 250+ new construction projects has carried out more than 10,000 transactions in 2021, including some 6,500 sales and 3,500 rentals. ERA has a network of 130+ agencies with more than 550 local professionals to make the residential dreams of their customers come true by selling, buying or renting their home. Moreover, our company's growth ambitions will expand the office network even more to 150 agencies by 2025 to be close to our customers. With our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, we are also an interesting partner for developers and investors to reach the right local customers for their projects.


    We share our expertise, among others, in our annual ERA Barometer, which is an analysis of the evolution of the housing market and residential prices, based on our huge database of figures from the past 10 years of the Belgian real estate market. Next to that our CEO Johan Krijgsman shares his knowledge in multiple media interviews. In his recent interview on Trends Talk from Kanaal Z, he elaborated his view on the affordability of housing in the current market.

    ERA’s headquarters are situated on the biggest marketplace of Belgium, in Sint-Niklaas, in Huis Myle, a renovated listed historic monument bought and restored by CEO Johan Krijgsman and his partners after almost two decades of vacancy. More information can be found at ERA.BE.

  • Mardi 17/4/2018
    Frank Maet

    Speech based on presentation at Belgian Financial Forum, Lichtervelde, November, 30, 2017.