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connaissance financière

  • Mardi 2/6/2020
    Helmut Stix

    The paper summarizes results from three representative surveys in Austria about ownership and intended ownership of crypto assets. About 1.6% of Austrians own crypto-assets. Owners are younger, more likely to be male, more tech-affine, have higher financial knowledge and are more risk-tolerant than non-owners. Plans to purchase are strongly related to profit expectations and beliefs that crypto-assets offer advantages for payments. Perceptions of high volatility or the risk of fraud and online theft dampen the demand for crypto-assets. Overall, our results suggest that demand for crypto-assets can to a considerable extent be attributed to a profit motive. Distrust in banks or in conventional currencies is not found to be a decisive factor for (intended) ownership.

  • Mardi 11/9/2018
    Frank Lierman

    Report on the presentation given by mister Philipp Hartmann, Senior Manager and Policy Adviser of the European Central Bank, to the Belgian Financial Forum in Brussels on the 14th of May 2018. Report written by mister Frank Lierman, Chairman Editorial Board of the Revue bancaire et financière/Bank- en Financiewezen.