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  • Vendredi 14/1/2022
    Bisciari / Gelade / Melyn

    Economists regard COVID-19 as a global and exogenous shock. In response, the EU set up a recovery plan consisting of grants and favourable loans to Member States over 2021-2026. The pandemic affected countries dependent on tourism more than the other countries. The recovery plan therefore involves an aspect of solidarity by providing grants and by taking into account both the initial vulnerability and the economic damage caused by COVID-19 in the Recovery and Resilience Facility allocation criteria for the grants. Thanks to these criteria, Italy and Spain are the main beneficiaries in terms of grants. Together with loans, this will boost their economic activity over the medium term more than in Germany, France and Belgium.

    In exchange for EU grants and loans, all countries must submit Recovery and Resilience Plans describing the investments and reforms that they intend to carry out with a view to strengthening their economies. Belgium was expected to receive only € 5.9 billion worth of grants. This amount might even be substantially lower once the effective GDP losses for 2020 and 2020-2021 are known in spring 2022. Nevertheless, as a small open economy, Belgian GDP might benefit more from the Recovery and Resilience Plans implemented in Germany, France, Italy and Spain than from its own plan.

  • Vendredi 14/1/2022

    The book ‘Humanizing Strategy’ provides you with new insights; an unconventional approach on how to humanize your strategy and make it really work. Based on leading research, real stories, case studies and practical tools, I take you into the world of often hidden underlying motivational forces that influence individual and collective behaviors in organizations. I will show how dealing consciously and effectively with these human dynamics can significantly impact the performance of organizations and the successful realization of strategies.

  • Lundi 20/12/2021
    Maria Demertzis

    Report of the intervention of Maria Demertzis, Deputy Director of Bruegel, during the Belgian Financial Forum webinar on “The road towards a ‘new’ financial system?” of 12 October 2021, written by Frank Lierman, Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Revue bancaire et financière. This report is further based on two opinion articles by Maria Demertzis, published by Bruegel in the course of 2021.

  • Lundi 20/12/2021
    Frank Kindt

    For years, PMV has had a special if not unique position in the investment landscape. When it was founded in 2001, PMV was entrusted with a societal role alongside its financial task. PMV is particularly pleased to note that today, social impact is also increasingly being pursued by private financiers, thus creating a major leverage effect.

  • Lundi 20/12/2021
    Frank Lierman

    The economics and finance magazine ‘Revue bancaire et financière/Bank- en Financiewezen’ celebrates its 85th anniversary and the first lustrum of the digital version. To mark this occasion, the review’s editorial board invited Belgian academics, researchers and policy makers to write an article on “The impact of COVID-19 on the Belgian economy and finance sector”. The result is a special printed edition containing 22 contributions, divided into 5 subtopics. This article summarizes the key-findings and messages.

  • Mardi 9/11/2021
    Wunsch / Maes / de Larosière / Thygesen

    This article contains the speeches from the Symposium for the publication of the book “Robert Triffin: A life”, on October 11, 2021 in Brussels.

  • Mardi 9/11/2021
    Van Craeynest

    As they go through a remarkably rapid recovery out of the Covid-crisis, companies are already hitting new barriers to growth, most importantly issues concerning the delivery of inputs and labour market tightness. Especially the latter requires an urgent and structural policy response. Meanwhile the major transitions in our society related to sustainability, digitalization and population ageing offer significant opportunities for companies. To capture these opportunities our capacity to innovate will play a crucial role.

  • Mardi 9/11/2021

    Report by Frank Lierman, president of the Editorial Committee of Bank- en Financiewezen, of Koen Dejonckheere’s presentation during the Belgian Financial Forum Webinar of 5 October 2021.


    Verslag door Frank Lierman, voorzitter redactiecomité van bank- en Financiewezen, van de presentatie van Koen Dejonckheere tijdens het Webinar van Belgisch Financieel Forum op 5 oktober 2021.

  • Mardi 9/11/2021
    National Bank of Belgium / FSMA

    This article summarises the main findings of the most recent joint update report on asset management and Non-bank financial intermediation (NBFI) by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and National Bank of Belgium (NBB), published on 6 May 2021. It is the third update of the joint NBB-FSMA report on Asset management and NBFI, formerly referred to as shadow banking, which was submitted to the Minister of Finance and the High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) , and subsequently published, in September 2017.

  • Lundi 11/10/2021
    de Larosière

    This is the speech given by Mr. Jacques de Larosière during the VILLA VIGNONI Euro-Workshop on 16 September 2021