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Claire Godding

  • Dinsdag 23/5/2023

    Driven by the goal of creating a more inclusive workplace in the financial sector, Wo.Men in Finance and Nathalie Delaere conducted research on the career obstacles faced by employees in the Belgian financial sector. In spring 2022, they initiated a survey with the objective of identifying the career obstacles experienced by individuals and analyzing whether there is a correlation with corporate culture. This article specifically focuses on the experiences of senior managers, as the survey revealed that 37% of female senior managers and 23% of male senior managers are contemplating leaving their current employers due to issues related to corporate culture, leadership style, and office politics. The following article provides further insights into the main findings.

  • Donderdag 10/3/2022

    So many reasons why investing in gender balance and inclusion make sense. In this short article Claire Godding, in charge of Diversity & Inclusion at Febelfin, explains those reasons, as well as some simple actions every company can implement: it starts with measuring, and making role models more visible. The Women in Finance Belgium initiative is unique, showing results 3 years after the first signing of the Charter. Finally the article summarizes simple actions that you can take to contribute to inclusion as an employee, and a few advices for every company who wants to build an action plan.

  • Maandag 28/10/2019

    In most European countries, women represent around fifty percent of all bank employees. This is surprising for most people, as the banking world, at the same time, still has a very masculine image. And indeed, when looking at the gender mix at the different hierarchical levels, we see that at Senior Management level less than 20% are women. Still, a large part of the financial world, especially in Belgium, did not yet act significantly to improve gender balance. It is to help implement this change that Women in Finance was launched, a year ago.