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Jan Van Hove

  • Vrijdag 28/2/2020
    Jan Van Hove & Jill Van Goubergen

    International headwinds, like the US-China trade war, are a major concern for small open economies like Belgium that are sailing on the waves of globalization, free trade and open markets. We take a deeper dive into the recent trends in Belgian-Chinese trade in order to determine how this bilateral trade relationship has been affected so far by the adverse international circumstances and how both economies perform in each other’s market in an international comparison. Our analysis shows that Belgian-Chinese trade withstood the globally increasing protectionism relatively well. Moreover, our findings point to new opportunities that could boost Belgian-Chinese trade in the future. In particular, China and Belgium appear to be natural partners in sectors where Belgium possesses long-term experience, knowledge and innovation and where China is interested in for its further economic and technological development.

  • Donderdag 30/3/2017
    Jan Van Hove & Lieven Noppe

    In this research report we discuss the main fiscal policy proposals that have so far been put forward by the new US President Trump, starting with a brief overview of recent evolutions in US public finances and related projections under current policies. Our main conclusion is that Trump’s proposals are not well designed for spurring economic growth significantly, but are likely to further deteriorate the already worrisome fiscal position of the US economy. Notwithstanding the Republican majority in Congress, Trump will have to compromise on his ideas, which will temper sustainability risks of government finances. At the same time, such compromises are likely to lead to disappointment in financial markets that are currently anticipating a strong economic boost.