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  • Vrijdag 28/2/2020
    Raïsa Basselier

    Digitalisation is having a growing impact on our daily lives: it has changed the way we connect with others, the way we do business and how we consume. In recent years, electronic platforms have emerged that link individuals with one another, but also offer them the opportunity to share goods or assets or to exchange services. In what follows, we will refer to this phenomenon as the sharing economy. Besides increased digitalisation, other factors such as urbanisation, changing cultural values and social norms and financial motives can be identified as the main drivers of this new economy. While statistical data on the size of the sharing economy are still incomplete, there are plenty of indications that it is growing rapidly. Its rising popularity also raises several challenges in terms of adequate regulation, follow-up and taxation.

  • Donderdag 6/2/2020
    Marc Lauwers

    Argenta, and the financial industry, are under construction. Digitalisation, legislation and interest rates put pressure on the classic banking system and might reshape the entire financial landscape in the next decade.

    Argenta shows a strong organic growth over the past 60 years and continues to believe in a local bank-insurer model. Unchartered waters however require firm choices. HQ focuses on smart digital investments, cost control and simplification, the strong independent branch network focuses on an up-close and personal approach with Argenta’s 1.7M clients.  

    CEO Marc Lauwers elaborates on the challenges and shares his vision for Argenta’s future.

  • Woensdag 27/6/2018
    De Gucht Karel

    Report of the speech given by Mr. Karel De Gucht, Belgian Minister of State and former European Commissioner for Trade, at the Belgian Financial Forum in Brussels, December 21, 2017, written by Frank Lierman, chairman of the Editorial Board of Bank- en Financiewezen-Revue bancaire et financière.

  • Woensdag 27/6/2018
    Van Eetvelt Karel

    Interview Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO van Febelfin. Interview by Frank Lierman, chairman of the Editorial Board of Bank- en Financiewezen-Revue bancaire et financière.

  • Vrijdag 30/6/2017
    Michel Vermaerke

    Begin maart dit jaar werd bekend gemaakt dat Michel Vermaerke Febelfin verlaat. Vermaerke was twaalf jaar lang CEO van de organisatie en gedurende die periode het gezicht van de bankenlobby in ons land. Bank- en Financiewezen Digitaal sprak met hem af voor een exclusief afscheidsinterview.