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  • Woensdag 6/5/2020
    Bernard Kepenne

    While everyone is now fully aware that we are going to have to learn to live with Covid-19 for a long time to come, the question arises as to what the standard will be tomorrow for ensuring good social distancing. What if we actually already have the answer? What if we already have a cure? Digital technology, which has been permeating our lives for several years, is now becoming essential in this context of crisis as the solution through teleworking, e-commerce, distance learning, in particular. 

  • Woensdag 20/9/2017
    Yvon Castrique

    Verslag van de uiteenzetting van de heer Yvon Castrique, voorzitter Directiecomité van Corona Direct voor het Belgisch Financieel Forum in Leuven op 23 mei 2017.