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hypothecaire kredieten

  • Woensdag 14/4/2021
    Karel Baert

    Interview met Karel Baert, CEO van Febelfin.

  • Donderdag 4/2/2021
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    Lending to private individuals was strongly influenced by the COVID-19 crisis last year. The number of new credit lines went down by 29,6% and the instalment loans decreased by 18,7%. The number of mortgage loans dropped by 14,8% which is largely due to the exceptionally high volume recorded in 2019 in anticipation of the abolition of the housing bonus in Flanders at the end of 2019. At the end of 2020 the number of private individuals with payment defaults declined by 6,3%. This cannot be dissociated from the possibility of getting a temporary payment delay on account of the COVID-19 crisis. The 7,2 million consultations of the Central Credit Register of the National Bank implied a drop of 14,8%.

  • Dinsdag 1/12/2020
    Jean Hilgers

    This article provides an overview of recent relevant developments for the financial sector and financial stability in Belgium. Next to the uncertain macro-financial context, it covers developments in credit to the real economy, the impact of the COVID-crisis on banks’ and insurance companies’ activities and results, trends in the Belgian real estate market as well as more structural challenges facing the Belgian financial sector. It also provides an overview of recent prudential measures and recommendations to the financial sector.

  • Donderdag 5/11/2020
    Isabelle Marchand

    More than six months ago COVID-19 first appeared in Belgium, and we now know the virus won’t go away any time soon. Apart from being a health crisis, the corona crisis also had a huge negative impact on the social and economic fabric of our country, often with devastating consequences for businesses and employees alike. An exceptional crisis calls for exceptional measures. This article offers an insight into the combined measures the financial sector, the National Bank of Belgium and the federal government have taken since mid-March to support both our society and economy in these challenging times