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  • Dinsdag 19/9/2023
    Lambert / Bernier

    Driven by the European regulatory framework or by conviction, the financial sector is taking greater account of climate and societal issues. However, the complexity of regulatory constraints, ESG data management and lack of expertise make ESG integration very complex and costly for investors. Furthermore, the impact of ESG risks and opportunities on the price of financial assets, or the price associated with negative externalities, remains difficult to quantify.

    But these challenges must be met, and finance is expected to contribute to the building of a more sustainable and fairer world. Ethias and HEC ULiège intend to play an active role in this evolution. The two players have just renewed their partnership that celebrates its 2nd anniversary. The extracts from their work presented in this article demonstrate the usefulness of combining academic research with practical experience, in order to advance the investor's integration of sustainability.

  • Donderdag 22/6/2023

    The debt ratios of the federal government and the various regions and communities in Belgium have risen substantially in recent years and, in general, they are set to increase further. This raises the question of how sustainable public finances truly are. The article investigates this by way of a regional debt sustainability analysis covering medium-, short- and long-term risks. It also assesses to what extent debt levels and dynamics will be impacted by negative growth shocks, rising interest rates and higher public investment. Finally, it explores how a national debt ceiling could be distributed across the various government entities and what fiscal efforts would be required at each level.

  • Dinsdag 18/4/2023

    This is the speech given by  Febelfin-CEO Karel Baert at this year’s Febelfin Connect event “The Financial sector, a partner for the future” in Brussels on March 29, 2023.

  • Maandag 20/2/2023
    Delobelle Lallemand

    In response to the shifting global political, social and economic landscape and the emergence of new and more serious risks, insurers have been forced to re-examine their role in society and make essential choices. Now more than ever, insurers must play their role as a buffer and safety net that guards against uncertainty. At the same time, the strategic choices they make can help shape the future of society. Increasingly aware of this social responsibility, insurers will be strategically focusing on sustainability and long-term thinking and reaching out to the various government authorities to tackle major challenges in society together. This was the key takeaway from the joint presentation by Philippe Lallemand and Heidi Delobelle, CEO of Ethias and AG Insurance, respectively, at the Financial Forum in Liège on 1 December 2022.

  • Vrijdag 30/9/2022

    Op 29 juni 2022 organiseerde het Belgian Finance Centre (BFC) in samenwerking met Assuralia en Febelfin, een grote debatavond met als focus "The Search for Talent in the Financial Sector". Karel Baert, CEO van Febelfin, was de keynote spreker op het evenement. Dit artikel is een samenvatting van de highlights van het panelgesprek.

  • Vrijdag 30/9/2022

    “Everybody deserves a great place to live”, the just cause of Matexi for more than 75 years. As a neighbourhood developer Matexi creates real estate projects that meet the needs of the present, without jeopardising those of future generations. Each project contributes to a more sustainable society by adding value to the neighbourhood that inspires to make more of life together and offering affordable future-oriented housing to the customers who will live there.


    Matexi is a real estate transformer ‘par excellence’. The neighbourhood developer acquires land and neighbourhood sites - increasingly, derelict industrial land, old factory buildings and vacant office buildings - and transforms these into great places to live, in close interaction with all stakeholders involved.


    This process requires a substantial investment of people and resources. Even though these may be challenging times for the real estate sector, due to the energy crisis, rising material costs and high inflation, the need for additional comfortable, energy-efficient, and affordable housing remains high. With major price reductions not to be expected any time soon, the neighbourhood developer underlines there is a glass ceiling to the rising material cost and interest rates that the real estate sector can bear.

  • Maandag 25/4/2022

    This article is based on the introductory speech given by Karel Baert, CEO of Febelfin, at Febelfin Connect (Brussels, 28 March 2022), Febelfin’s annual networking event. The topic of this year’s event was “Financing the transition towards a more sustainable society”.

  • Woensdag 14/4/2021
    Karel Baert

    Interview met Karel Baert, CEO van Febelfin.

  • Dinsdag 16/1/2018
    Frank Lierman

    Verslag van panelgesprek, Belgisch Financieel Forum, Brussel, 9 oktober 2017.

  • Dinsdag 16/1/2018
    Muriel Van Gompel

    Bijdrage gebaseerd op presentatie voor het Belgisch Financieel Forum, Leuven, 09.10.2017.